Remembrance Garden


A memorial for loved ones located in the company of the faith community goes back to the beginning of the Christian era. Our MIPC Remembrance Garden provides a beautiful setting for memorializing those in our church family who are deceased. Furthermore, it serves as a visual reminder that our lives and hope are centered around the church and, more particularly, around the person of Jesus Christ whom the church worships.

How is a loved one remembered and honored in the Remembrance Garden?

Two options are available.

The Cenotaph sections provide walls with stone plates which are engraved with the names and pertinent dates of the deceased to honor their memory.

The Columbarium sections provide walls with niches, or compartments, for urns containing ashes of the deceased. The stone plate of each niche is also engraved with the names and pertinent dates of the deceased to honor their memory.

Reservations can be purchased in the Cenotaph and Columbarium sections either as a Single to honor one person or as a Double to honor two.

The Cenotaph and Columbarium sections alternate in the circle of the Garden. These sections appear identical from inside the Garden. A layout of the Garden plan illustrating Cenotaph and Columbarium spaces is available at the church reception desk.

Cenotaph plate and Columbarium niche reservations are available to current and past MIPC members, pastors and those with strong ties to MIPC, as well as their spouses, children, parents and siblings.

Where is the Remembrance Garden located?

The Garden is easily accessed through the double glass doors on the north side of the sanctuary and appears as an outdoor extension of our sanctuary. A stone pathway, integrating scripture verses, leads to the center of the Garden. The Garden is surrounded by lush, well maintained landscaping.

How is the Remembrance Garden funded, maintained and administered?

The garden is a self-supporting entity, separate from the church budget. It is funded through reservation purchases and donations. The Remembrance Garden Board provides administration, including management of professional Garden maintenance, and maintains records of reservations and interments.

What are the costs of a Cenotaph space for naming or a Columbarium space for interment?

  • Double Niche in Columbarium $3,400

  • Single Niche in Columbarium $2,400

  • 2 Names on Cenotaph Wall $1,000

  • 1 Name on Cenotaph Wall $750

These prices are effective as of February 1, 2019.

Payment terms are available.

Why consider this at this time?

One MIPC member explained it this way: “I want to make these decisions now so that my family does not have to discuss and guess as to what I would have wanted at a time they are grieving my death.”

Remembrance Garden Agreement

All details pertaining to the Remembrance Garden are contained in the Terms and Conditions of the Remembrance Garden Agreement.

You may download the Remembrance Garden Agreement here.

For more information, please contact Sharon Olson (206-484-3133 | or Ruth Ann Biggers (206-232-5595 ext. 1002 |