About us:

At Mercer Island Presbyterian Church, we believe that children are our future… and our present. We strive to be inclusive without overwhelming, giving our children a safe, fun and meaningful introduction to life as a follower of Jesus.

We believe that faith begins at home, and to that end we want to support our families as much as possible by offering education opportunities and faith events that start conversations at home.

Our programs are staffed largely by volunteers who love Jesus and love children.

We comply with the Washington State requirements for vetting our adult volunteers to that we can offer an environment that is both safe and welcoming.


Please download the Child information form below so that we can connect with you about our programs and keep you in the loop with Children Ministries. 

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Becky Showalter
Interim Director of Children’s Ministries

Julie Garrett
Family Ministry Coordinator

Lindsay Murphy
Associate Pastor

Jennifer McLellan
Elder of Ministries to Children & their Families

Stephanie Boyer
Director of the Pebble Preschool

Beth Dudycha
Elder of the Pebble Preschool

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