sunday christian education classes

Fall 2019 during the Christian Education Hour (9:15-10:15am)

Growing in faith class: new understandings of our savior

  • Resumes September 8

  • While we may have been Christians for many years, we likely find ourselves puzzled by a number of things which Jesus said and did.
    Utilizing an unusual contextual learning approach, this series focuses upon resolving these puzzlements
    and thereby bringing to us a broader understanding of our Lord than we have had.

  • Led by Carl Dodrill

beyond open & affirming: emerging conversations for the LGBTQIA+ Competent Church

  • September 8-September 29

  • Society's acceptance of LGBTQIA+ people and communities has increased dramatically over the last decade,
    and many churches have fully included gay and lesbian people into the life of the church.
    Even with this step forward, affirming faith communities at times find themselves unsure what it means to be the church
    alongside LGBTQIA+ people beyond "all are welcome."
    In addition to his work at MIPC, Dan Hammer is Program Coordinator for Faith Leader Engagement at Lambert House (a drop-in center for LGBTQIA+ youth) on Capitol Hill, and he leads LGBTQIA+ Cultural Competency Trainings for faith leaders and communities.

  • Topics include...
    Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation 101
    Emerging LGBTQIA+ Vocabulary and Self-Understanding
    Coming Out and Offering Care
    LGBTQIA+ Sacred Space and Meaning-Making (a brief history of LGBTQIA+ liberation in the US since Stonewall)
    Current Challenges facing LGBTQIA+ People and Communities

  • Led by Dan Hammer

Issues in aging

  • October 6-October 27

  • Four sessions on new trends in aging, planning your memorial, grief and bereavement, and estate planning.

  • Led by Betsy Zuber, Marla Briggs & Peggy Sue Juergens