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Student leadership has been an incredible tradition at the ROCK, and the presence of student leaders have been valuable to our program and our church.

Thank you for taking the time to applying to be a ROCK Student Leader at MIPC!

leadership Dates

Leadership Kick-off Retreat                                  Saturday, September 22– Sunday, Sept 23

Monthly Gatherings                                                          One Sunday per month our Student Leadership Team will gather for worship at 5pm. Following service we will share a meal and meet together until 7:30pm. 
This is an important time in community for us to connect with one another, connect with God, and grow in our leadership as followers of Jesus. 

Please mark the following Sundays on your calendars:  Oct. 14, Nov. 18, Dec. 16, Jan. 13, Feb. 10, Mar. 10,  May 19.

On Sunday, June 2 there will be the end of year Student Leader Celebration!


God calls us to go and make disciples, and we believe that our Student Leadership program helps fulfill that call.

Student leaders are expected to actively engage in leading programs at MIPC. There are many opportunities to serve, and there is flexibility in scheduling based on the role and program. 

Attendance is taken at our monthly Sunday gatherings and you are expected to attend church and dinner each month. 

We will allow excused absences on a case by case basis, but these need to be communicated well in advance, barring emergencies.

Other information

Families are required to host* two student leader dinners across the school year. Sign-ups will be collected via Sign-up Genius! Thank you in advance for allowing us to focus on serving and teaching each Sunday.

*Hosting means coordinating with other signed up families on planning the meal, bringing a dish, set-up and clean-up of the ROCK youth room on the date chosen.

Our programs are open to any students regardless of admission into our Student Leadership Program. Anyone is welcome to come and participate, even if they aren't a leader!


$50 check made payable to MIPC dropped off in Julie's front office inbox by September 12, 2018

Or pay by clicking here... 

Tuition covers the cost of: Curriculum, and program expenses. 

As with all of our programs, scholarships are available, please contact the ROCK staff.

medical form

An updated medical information form and release is needed every year for each student that participates in activities with the ROCK.  

Please follow the link below to update your information.

Note that this will be used for all activities happening in the year.

Student Name *
Student Name
Student Cell Phone *
Student Cell Phone
I am interested in helping in the following areas:
Middle School
High School
Church Leadership
If none write n/a.
Application Questions
Why do you want to be part of the student leadership team?
What have you gained from your experience in the ROCK so far? (spiritually, relationally, etc.) If you are new to the ROCK, what do you hope to gain from your experience?
What three words would you use to describe where you currently are in your faith journey?
To you, what does it mean to be a leader?
What leadership skills would you bring to our student leader team?
What’s one way you’d like to grow as a leader in the next year?
As a student leader, how would you welcome someone new to our youth ministry?
What other activities are you involved in? (sports, extracurricular activities, jobs, clubs, etc.) Are you in leadership roles in any of these activities? If so – which and in what capacity?
Student Contract *
I realize that there are certain rules I will need to follow during student leadership. I will participate in all activities, and I will be thoughtful to those around me. I will respect my leaders and the expectations that are put in place. I will not bring any illegal objects (drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc.) to MIPC events and programs. With all of this, I know that if I have any difficulty following the rules, the leaders of the ROCK have the authority to make the final decision to send me home and not allow me back without a conversation with my parent/guardian(s) and a plan put in place moving forward.
Parent/Guardian Section
Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Name
Parent/Guardian Phone *
Parent/Guardian Phone
Medical *
I have completed a current medical information form for my child and it is on file with the ROCK.
Scholarship money is available to assist students with the $150 tuition payment who would otherwise be unable to participate due to financial reasons. We ask that you would pay as much as you are able, so that we are able to assist as many families as we can. All requests are confidential.
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Parent/Guardian Acknowledgment *
I am aware of the commitment my student is making by signing up for MIPC's Student Leadership Program. I am committing to support my student and their responsibilities during this year of leadership. I understand that this requires my student to attend a monthly Sunday dinner, and my participation in helping with at least two of those dinners in the school year. I understand that this will also include my student volunteering with other events and programs with MIPC.