Parent Testimonials

"I have been so impressed with every single aspect of The Pebble.

The teachers are fantastic. They truly seem to care about each child as an individual which is not an easy task at that age! They are warm and caring yet teach the children the essential life skills. They build each child's confidence and self esteem and I have seen such a transformation in these children over the course of a school year.

The religious teaching is more than I had hoped for. Both girls remember the Bible stories they have learned and are interested in learning more. You teach them that God is a loving God (unlike the one I learned about in [a religious] school....) And the mission projects are a nice way to teach them to look beyond their well-blessed lives.

We have enjoyed the family and social get-togethers. It is a great way to build a strong sense of community among the parents.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful school. My girls have a solid foundation and love of learning that I hope will continue throughout their lives thanks to the wonderful teachers and curriculum at The Pebble."

-Parent of a three and four year old


"The Pebble Preschool is a special school. We have been lucky to be a part The Pebble for four years! My eldest son has just recently gone on to Kindergarten - because of the academic and spiritual curriculum he experienced while attending The Pebble he was well prepared both academically and socially to succeed in Elementary School. The teachers at The Pebble are exceptional, filled with talent and love - they care so much!  The parents you meet will become your life long friends as you raise your kids together, this is not just a preschool it is a community!"

-Parent of a young 3 student and a Pre-K student

"We feel so blessed to have had our children’s first academic experience be at The Pebble. Not only has the curriculum prepared them so well academically for kindergarten, but also socially and emotionally. In the 4 years our family has been involved with The Pebble we have continuously been impressed with the fantastic teaching staff and the curriculum they offer. Both of my girls have walked away from preschool with a strong sense of self-confidence and a love of learning, coupled with positive social skills that are so important in the elementary years. The transition to kindergarten was such an easy one for us in large part due to the time and energy of the Pebble staff. To this day, my first grader still talks about, remembers and misses her preschool teachers and friends. I too often draw on the advice and lessons I learned from the staff while my kids attended The Pebble Preschool. This school has a special place in each of our hearts. We will miss it, but as a parent I am a confident that I have given my children a great head start."

-Parent of two students who have been in Older 3s and Pre-K

"Amazing, nurturing, caring and honest. The best place my child could have experienced. A wonderful place for any child. That is what I would say about The Pebble.  At the end of each year I thought I could never have a better experience and then the next year proved me wrong. All the teachers are so amazing in their own way. And they very much teach to the individual. They have a way of finding what is special about your child and helping them to become the very best they can. The children come out of The Pebble with such a sound foundation for learning and exploring with such confidence at a very early age. We miss it so much."

-Parent of a student in young 3s, older 3s, and Pre-K

"Our children have so enjoyed The Pebble Preschool. They ask every day if they "get" to go to school. We have enjoyed so many things about our preschool experience for our children. It has helped them be prepared for their kindergarten experience while incorporating fun along the way. They have learned so much about how to be a good friend, listener and helper. They have made lasting friendships and so have we! We have high praises for their teachers. And, we love how this all happens in a Christian environment."

-Parent with two Pebble preschoolers