Outline of the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) Process and Where We are Now

The PNC was elected by the congregation on March 15th.  The process of calling a Pastor normally spans 9-12 months.  We are currently preparing the Ministry Information Form (MIF) - MIPC's "resume".  The MIF describes who we are and the characteristics and qualifications of the pastor who we pray will be called to lead and serve our church.

PNC is formed and prepares the MIF

  •  PNC completes the MIF
  •  Session and the Presbytery Committee on Ministry approve MIF
  •  MIF is posted online through Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Leadership Connection

PNC conducts the Pastoral Search

  •  Communicate position and request referrals
  •  Develop screening process
  •  Gather resumes (Pastor Information Forms - PIF's)
  •  Evaluate candidates
  •  Conduct preliminary interviews
  •  Narrow field to finalists

PNC final selection process

  •  Interview finalists (weekend including sermon at a neutral pulpit)
  •  Conduct background checks and references
  •  Identify the candidate of choice and prepare Terms of Call
  •  Candidate and PNC agree on Terms of Call

Call of the new Pastor

  •  Introduce the Candidate to the Congregation
  •  Obtain Congregation and Presbytery approval
  •  Welcome our new Pastor

Throughout the process the PNC requests your prayers that the candidate of God's choosing will be called to be our next Senior Pastor.

Members of the PNC are:  Einer Handeland, Gene Robertson, Keri Ellison, Kirk Robinson, Rhinee Yeung, Malcolm McLellan, Julie Harris, Margaret Redman, David Snodgrass