New Music Leadership

The music director search teams have been working diligently through prayer and discernment to find God's calling for music leadership.  As you know, the evening service music director was recently filled by Kurt Dyrhsen.  People are already appreciating Kurt's many gifts and talents as well as his thoughtful, caring personality.

We have now filled the position/s for the morning services as well.  Dan Hammer will begin on May 26 as the Music Director for the Morning Services.  His first Sunday will be May 31.  Dan will be the music director for the Breakfast Service, the Traditional Service and the Summer Service.

Ron Ebbers continues on staff as the Director for the Handbell Choir.  He is also available for special services and for subbing when needed.  He and his family will continue to be a part of the MIPC community. 

We are glad that Ron continues to be on staff and we want to show our appreciation for his caring and passionate leadership as the Interim Music Director for the Traditional Service.  There will be a reception for Ron after the traditional service on May 24 which is also Pentecost Sunday.  It is traditional to wear red for Pentecost and is a good tie in for the celebration of Ron. 

The search for an organist for the traditional service continues.

Please give a big thanks to the members of the team who served MIPC in these searches.  

  • The Breakfast Service Search Team was lead by Val Giesbrecht and Sarah Giese.  The committee also included Michael Lill, Stephen Dudycha, and Krista Nowakowsi.
  • The Traditional Service Search Team was lead by Sue Sherwood and Carl Dodrill.  The committee also included Susan Stockdale, Bill Shafer and Karin Grice.
  • The Evening Service Search Team  was lead by Steve Smith and Ben McConaughy.  The committee also included Teresa Hamp, Mindy Blakeslee, Natasha Goffman, Rob MacAulay and Leslie Ferrell.

Both pastors - Lindsay Murphy and Nancy Martin-Vincent - staffed the search.

This is an exciting time for MIPC as we lean into God's calling for this community.