Supplies to Liberia

Background: MIPC’s Gifts of the Heart Offering this year went to support Pastor George Everett from Transcontinental Christian Ministries and their work in Liberia to supply medicine and food to help those affected by the Ebola virus and its devastating effect on children. Right now George is traveling in Liberia to assess the situation. Prayers for his travels and safety are welcomed.

Entry #1

Sorry that after a while I am just contacting you. I arrived on the 10the of April after a little delay, and since then I just got my communication set up last night. I have started the process of visiting the places where the orphans are and it is going well. We started the picture and video work. This morning I was on the radio to ask for help in identifying the orphaned children. I will be going to the Redemption Hospital on Friday to discuss about MIPC 's help to them. I met the chairman of the Board already.  Later today I went in the one of the rural counties to discuss with the doctors on the needs of the hospital there.

This place is hot and humid, though I am grateful to be here. Here everywhere you go you have to wash your hands what the water is made of you do not know.. I visited the home of Nacy Writeball yesterday, the American nurse who was infected by the Ebola.

Please pray for me as I carry out this duty in the name of the Lord.

Peace, George

Entry #2

So far we have identified a good number orphans and given some assistance to 22. We are doing more this week. After the Radio Broadcast we got calls from all over the country about the location of the kids. The conditions of these kids are terrible. There are places I go and I am confused due to the looking at their situation. The ones who are not on the statistics of the government might be about 1/3 of the sum. Instead of Friday, we are going to the Redemption Hospital on Wednesday.

We have a transport that is taking us into some places but fueling the car is pretty costly. I am getting used to the heat gradually. So excited to be here listening to testimonies of survivors and doctors. I don't know what happen my phone just went off, so I am finding it difficult to make calls. I hope to get one today and I will give you a call.

Entry #3

Today I visited the National Nursing Training School (TNIMA) and sat with the Administrator. This is the institution that trained most of the nurses who died as a result of their effort in helping to treat Ebola cases. They knew a lot of the kids who got affected from the virus and their locations. I went there on behalf of the MIPC family to express gratitude and to also assess the condition of the School. The need to train Doctors and nurses cannot be over emphasized. I could not videotape due some policy. it was a good experience.

Now that I have my phone turned back on so I can make calls. I hope to call you in the morning.

Blessing to you all at MIPC.