Help the Sisters Serve the Poor in Hue, Vietnam

Do you remember seeing your unborn child for the first time on an ultrasound screen? Have you or someone you love benefitted from early cancer detection? These are things we take for granted every day here in America.  The ultrasound at Kim Long Charity Clinic in Hue, Vietnam is over 18 years old and cannot accurately diagnose and address these medical issues.  I am hoping to raise $20,000 for my senior project in order to purchase a new ultrasound device for the patients of the Kim Long Charity Clinic.

After visiting with Sister Bong at the Kim Long Charity Clinic in December I saw the amazing work the sisters do.   Kim Long Charity Clinic serves the poor and offers reduced or often times free health care.  Every day the sisters use the ultrasound on at least 20 patients.  The ultrasound is used for the diagnosis of breast, thyroid, and abdominal complications.  However, the current machine is not adequate to provide the medical care needed and some patients must be turned away and sent elsewhere.  

With a new ultrasound the sisters would be able to efficiently and successfully address these issues in their clinic as well as provide essential heart and pregnancy ultrasounds.  Witnessing firsthand the dedication and passion the sisters have in caring for their patients, I was inspired to try make a difference for them and the people they serve.  $20,000 will allow the clinic to purchase a new ultrasound device.  If you would like to join me in helping the sisters provide better medical health care please write a check and send it to MIPC with “ultrasound” in the memo line.  If you would like more information contact me at: