Good News From Youthcare

A message from Melinda Giovengo, Executive Director of Youthcare, one of MIPC’s Mission Partners:

On Thursday night I had the privilege of attending the Seattle Public Schools Interagency Academy Graduation.( our in house school at Orion, YouthBuild and the Bridge)

YouthCare had a total of 16 graduates this represented almost 25 % of all the graduates this year from interagency. Our young people beamed and were so proud as they paraded in cap and gown. They were cheered by 20 YC staff members who attended. If ever there was a moment to know we are on the right path THIS WAS IT. One young woman who had been on the run from the Bridge returned to most of the staff celebrating her success. She said she left but “could not go back out there on the streets, she was different now.”.. she is in foster care and calls us EVERY DAY.