IJM Recues Laborers in Brick Factory in India


Location: Chennai, India
Result: More than 500 people freed in IJM’s largest rescue operation ever

Last week, 522 people are returning to their homes in freedom after being rescued from a brutal brick factory in IJM’s largest operation ever.

Earlier this week, a man reported that his younger brother was being held as a slave in the brick

CHENNAI, India - Rescued from slavery, 143 families prepare to return to their homes.
My IJM colleagues and the local government partnered to release him and found not just one man, but hundreds of children, women and men desperate to escape. The team quickly moved into action, initiating the biggest rescue operation in IJM’s history.

Conditions in the factory were brutal: A government medical official saw scars that indicated many of the victims may have been tortured. The laborers were forbidden to leave the factory, and did not have enough food. The owner has been placed under arrest.

But today, these families know great kindness and care, due to the commitment of the government officials who not only ordered their release but even held a special ceremony to celebrate their freedom.

These great miracles of freedom would simply not be possible without your support. Thank you for standing with us.


Gary Haugen
President and CEO
International Justice Mission