Student from Warm Family School for the Blind Graduates

Our family has supported student Nguyen Viet Trong at the MATA
(Warm Family School for the Blind) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for
several years now. THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS! Nguyen Viet Trong
graduated this year from Pedagogy University with a grade A Plus.

He decided to stay at MATA to teach elementary students and help all MATA members in their studying. He has moved forward from
receiving and using a gift well to giving a gift to others who also
experience visual impairment. I am thankful to God for Nguyen's
faithful heart.

The new student we will support is 26 years old in her first year of
school at the Warm Family School. My prayer for her is the development of strong living skills, vocational and educational skills; to live independently and become a part of the greater community around her, and to know how much God loves and cares for her.

Linda Fowler