Last night, HS Rock had the joy of our monthly visit to Plymouth on Stewart and the Simons Apartments.

Normally, we go and bring a treat of some baked goods and play the ever loved, ever favorite, Bingo.

But last night, through the generosity of the Missions department, we were able to provide 45-50 people with a steaming hot bowl (or two) of Chili with trimmings followed by some dessert and of course, Bingo.

It was, and always is such a joy to partner with PHG during 2009 and we look forward to 2010. The tenants of both residences are always so excited to see us every month and welcome us with such friendship and joy. In fact, one of our high schoolers calls our visit the "highlight of the month".

This partnership between the ROCK and PHG is life giving, and we are so thankful for it. It is amazing how God works and establishes relationships between the two groups.

I'll finish with a statement that sums up last night 'O62 - BINGO!!!!!!!!"

Nicola Davidson
Rock Worship Intern