The Gift of Food and Friendship at the Laytner House


Thank you all so very much for ministering to the Laytner House residents.

I feel one of the most caring and meaningful service opportunities is preparing food and breaking bread together. In this very personal, yet basic function, we share who we are, our stories and are given the grace to learn about ourselves. It is so much more than simply food, it is food made with love for those individuals who have not felt loved or cared about.

As you all know, those at Laytner house are medically fragile. Hopefully, with 90 days of support, they can become strong enough to move onto transitional housing. A good handful have moved onto Multifaith housing, and are doing extremely well! A few will be receiving their permanent housing vouchers in early January. For that we are thankful!

Unfortunately, sometimes residents do not recover. Please keep in your prayers the family of Kelee, who died last week at a nursing facility. She had been at the house between long stays in the hospital for about six months, so some of you may have had the chance to meet her.

It is your caring spirits that help the residents feel cared about and important. Know that what you do is a true labor of God’s love.

Christmas blessings to you all!

Stephanie Pietras
Care Team Coordinator
Multifaith Works