Thanksgiving at Plymouth

Ok, so I know it seems early to be talking about Thanksgiving, but when you need to feed 160, early discussions are required. This year, we are hosting a Thanksgiving luncheon at Plymouth on Stewart and the Anne Simons Seniors building with residents from Haddon house stopping by. Our 4th year. As most of you know these buildings are a part of the Plymouth Housing Group which provides housing to the poor and formerly homeless.

Last year we fed 150 folks and the atmosphere was magical. We not only fed stomachs but we fed souls (ours and theirs). Imagine what it’s like to be seated at a table setup with white table cloths and handcrafted centerpieces being served a homemade lunch by a 10 year old child and her family when just a couple of years ago or in some cases months ago you were living on the streets. What’s not spiritual about that?

We can’t do this alone, we need your help. If you would like to serve at the event or could roast a turkey, make a side dish or desert or supply bread, drinks or condiments contact Elaine Bolger at 206-275-2654 or by email at The sooner the better – a luncheon this size requires a lot of advance planning. Thank you and God Bless.