Straley House

As part of our feeding program, we have been working with YouthCare to provide meals on a monthly basis to one of their houses “The Straley House”. The Straley House is a pre-transitional housing program that provides emergency housing to homeless young. The house provides shelter for up to 12 kids ages 18-21. A variety of wonderful volunteers through MIPC have provided a home cooked meal once per month since last March. The time commitment is very low with this mission opportunity, it involves preparing a meal in advance and dropping it off at the house in the evening. Since they are trying to create a home-like atmosphere vs. a mission or institution, they have requested that we not stay to serve. A couple of friends and I provided the first meal last March and had a great experience. We were greeted by a couple of the kids, chatted for a few minutes, left our meal, which they were very grateful for, and took the opportunity to have a girls night out and grab dinner ourselves in the University district. What a fun way to serve and be served! The house is located in the Ravenna Park area of Seattle. If you’d like to sign up for a month or need more information, contact me at 206-275-2654 or by email at

Blessings to all,

Elaine Bolger