Asa Mercer: It's great to be back!

It was good to get back to Mercer Tuesday. I thought the school looked very good - new quotations on the walls, a huge student mural in one hall and student artwork on display in the library. It felt no more crowded and the registrar told Craig there are only 50 more students than last year.

I saw Susan only as she introduced me to my students - Wenpei from China who told me she doesn't like "A"s - only "A+". Christen is an 8th grader who came in looking as if there was no way she was going to be happy with a tutor. I was amazed that after a short time she poured out her life story and indicated she will continue with me.

A quick story: One question on Susan's get acquainted list was "What memorable moment from elementary school stands out for you?" Wenpei thought for a few seconds then her face lit up and she said "Martin Luther King - I have a dream." She's a little hard to under stand but apparently her class had to write out that speech and either read or memorize it. We talked about it briefly then she said, "I have a dream too!" When I asked her what that is, she said, "To make a difference." I'm sure she will and what a privilege for me to have even a tiny part of that. It is great to be back!

Linda Fetters