Mexico Visuals

There are tons (3.8GB across nearly 1400 files) of visual memories posted if interested. Below is a short summary of what is available…


  1. Church version 3:26 SD

  2. Church version 3:26 HD

  3. Extended version 5:10 SD

  4. Extended version 5:10 HD

  5. Donuts drone vid of WorkCrew

  6. Rylo - Split screen 360 video of roads HD

    Links direct you to the Youtube hosted location


  1. 65 curated and edited

  2. 277 quickly curated

  3. Helen’s pink site pics - many phone based

  4. Alex’s WorkCrew pics

  5. Orange site pics - Andrea’s

  6. Other’s that get in touch, we will add those

Originals of the above are available in this Google Drive folder and appropriately named subfolders - follow your nose. Additionally, The Rock has been provided a thumb drive of the entire collection so the church has the original data forever…

Also - the Facebook Group will I suspect live on for a long time. If you were not a member you can join it by searching FB for “MIPC Mexico 2019.” The site will allow you to “walk” through the week as the participants did…

A small collection of B&W shots

Mexico 2019