Foundation History

The Mercer Island Presbyterian Church Foundation was established by the Session on April 30, 1991, after being on the drawing boards of the Stewardship and Administration Department for several years.

A Committee was formed in the fall of 1990 to explore the wisdom of having a Foundation at MIPC. Church members who participated on the Planning Committee were: Wally Campbell, Dick Chappelle, Sharon Edberg, Mark Kirchner, Dick Lund, Curry Miller, Walt Rodgers, Charlie Salerno, Lucille Scholfield, Fran Steding, Bob Stevenson, Steve Urner, Erick Leithe, Chair, and Pastor Dale Sewall.

The Committee's proposal was presented to the Session on April 30, 1991, encouraging the Session "to keep the vision of the members of our congregation lifted beyond themselves and the local church to the whole mission of Christ in the world."

The purpose of the Foundation has always been to expand and enrich the mission endeavors of the congregation, not to support the annual operating budget of the Church.

Our mission is to enable the Church to achieve its goal of becoming a 50/50 congregation. That is, 50% of its disbursements shall be for internal use and 50% shall be for mission causes beyond our own congregation.

On November 26, 1996, the Foundation's mission, function and structure were re-stated in Governing Rules, which were approved by the Session and made available to major donors and the leadership of the church.

From the beginning, the Foundation was established to further the Church's long-range goal of devoting 50% of its disbursements to mission work. The Foundation Committee's function is to encourage, receive and administer gifts in perpetuity and to make distributions of income in accordance with its Governing Rules. Income is distributed to the Session at least annually in furtherance of mission activities of the Church.