MIPC  Camping Adventure

Dash Point State Park: July 20-21, 2018

Hidden in plain sight between Seattle and Tacoma, this park offers miles of forested hiking and biking trails, but its main draw is the beach. The shoreline narrows at high tide and low tide turns the sand flats into a play destination. 

Come Saturday just to play or register ONLINE through the state reservation system to find a camp site. Pick a site that works for your family size and needs. Some families have started reserving spots in Loop A between 88 - 94. Please zap me an email if you are coming. Thanks! kimj@mipc.org

2017 All Church Back Yard Camp Out

August 12 - August 13

Backpack Mission for Friends of the Children, BBQ, Games, Community, Smores, Stars, Breakfast, and Worship!


A packet was mailed out March 1st to MIPC famlies that included ideas for six family movie nights at home. The packet also had discussion questions and lent activity ideas. A pdf of the packet is linked here.


Lent Pretzels—Pretzels are a traditional Lenten food because their shape calls to mind arms crossed in prayer.  Google “lent pretzels” to learn more.  Here is a recipe for making pretzels:

Bonus: soft pretzels are a great movie food!  Plan ahead and make some for movie night instead of popcorn!

Easter Tomb—create a replica of Jesus’ empty tomb.  Here’s a really cool way to do it that involves growing seeds in a little rock garden. (You’ll need to start a couple of weeks before Easter for this one

For something fun but a little less intensive try these options using salt dough, paper or paper plates

Unravelled Women Evening Out March 16, 2017 from 7 - 9 pm

Join us for a fabulous chance to Reflect and Recharge. Speaker, Emily Jamieson, is the mother of four and a gifted writer. (See blogs: The Tethering Place and LiveSalt). Her love of Jesus and her joyful style are sure to be an inspiration to us all. 

Advent Family Faith Event

This multi-generational event brings families together for a conversation about what Advent is, how we celebrate it, and an opportunity to create an Advent Calendar to take home and use weekly. November 29, 2015 9:15 am in the Courtyard


4th & 5th Graders- bring your friends!

5:30 - 7:30 pm

January 19| February 9 |March 16

MIPC Moms: Creating Community for Women With Kids of All Ages


Bring your neighbor and friends the 1st and 3rd Thursday's each month from 10 am -11:30 am.

Free childcare provided.

Calendar: September 15th Fall Kick off and Hands on Clay Project lead by Ann Flickenger

October 6 Family Health History: Tools for decoding your family's story with Heidi Thiese

October 20 Top 10 Tips for Busy Families with certified professional organizer Denise Allan

November 3 | Sip, Savor and Linger?  Speaker Christine Nakano. Business owner of Sift & Stir, mom and spiritual adviser. 

November 17 | FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT What does the Bible say? Also time to paint our clay Sept projects.

December 1 | MEXICO Reflections Hear from women who went on the Mexico House Building Mission Trip

December 15 | CHRISTMAS PARTY Christmas Mug Exchange

January 5 | Humor Healing Humanity with Abby Lodmer a health and life coach

January 19 | Popcorn Parenting Panel - mom's answer questions about how they have survived, crashed, and thrived through many stages of parenting.

February 2 |

February 16 | Activity with our kids

March 2 | Minimalist Discussion

*March 16 | Unravelled Women - 7 - 9 PMEVENING Mom's Group (meeting at night from 7-9 with Unraveled Women's Group)Join us for a fabulous chance to Reflect and Recharge. Speaker, Emily Jamieson, is the mother of four and a gifted writer. (See blogs: The Tethering Place and LiveSalt). Her love of Jesus and her joyful style are sure to be an inspiration to us all. 

April 6 | Come talk and learn about fashion from Marilee Ahalt a mom and business owner.

April 20 | Educational Consultant -  Choosing a school for your child can be overwhelming whether it's Preschool or high school.  We want the absolute best for our children and schooling is a big part of a child's life.  Please join Christy Haven of Mindful Education Consulting to learn about what to look for when choosing a school for your child.

May 4 | Preparing for Summer


Family Involvement Leads to Sticky Faith

When children are baptized at MIPC, we commit to nurturing our children in their faith.  Safe dialogue about faith includes an exploration of what we believe and way, as well as openness to questions and doubts. Children who have relationships at their church with people they can talk with openly about faith, and who are able to talk with their parents openly about faith are more likely to have their faith stick past childhood. We invite parents to participate in faith events with their kids, to volunteer in Sunday School, and to provide opportunities for relationship development and dialogue.  Read more about Sticky Faith here.


MIPC sponsors Scout Pack 624.

MIPC Fall Festival Family Night October 26th, 2015!