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At the February Congregational Meeting,
MIPC officially launched its 2018 Capital Campaign Building Inside Out.

The goal of the campaign is to develop and maintain our facility
in order that MIPC's mission and ministries continue to thrive for decades to come.

Come, be a part of God's future for MIPC
as we move forward in faith with the Building Inside Out Campaign.

building inside out Task force updates

August 8, 2019

HVAC technicians are busy installing units on the roof, thermostats around the church and other items that will make MIPC more energy efficient. One item is the division of the ARK classrooms into four heating zones. Dampers have been placed in the Nursery and Wave heating ducts that will allow sections of the ARK to be heated during the day rather than heating all the rooms as we have been doing.

A wall was removed to help create new office space near the Rock. Now a new wall exists that provides a small group area for student ministries and office space for Pastor Angela Miksovsky, the English Ministries Pastor at First Taiwanese Presbyterian Church (FTPC). Next a new window will be added to the student ministries space, new LED lights will be added to the rooms, electrical updates will occur and then painting and decorating. The space will look great!

July 25, 2019

All the new HVAC units are now up on the roof. Technicians are busy installing them while coordinating with the roofers to be sure everything is water tight.

A wall has been removed to help create new office space near the Rock. The space will provide a small group area for student ministries and office space for the First Taiwanese Presbyterian Church (FTPC). FTPC has been sharing space with MIPC since 2003.

Also this week removal of the exterior windows in the children's ARK hallway has begun. These will be replaced with more energy efficient and safe windows all along the playground.

July 18, 2019

If you have been at the church recently you have seen that there is a lot going on. At the beginning of the month there was a large crane removing the old HVAC units from the west side of the roof and putting the new units up in their place. The crane will be back on Tuesday to complete the removal of the remaining units and delivering the last of the new units. During the entire month technicians are working to install the new units. Next week, remodeling will begin in the old Rock offices to create office space for the First Taiwanese Presbyterian Church (FTPC). FTPC has been sharing space with MIPC since 2003. The remodel will also create a remodeled lounge space for the Rock.

July 11, 2019

If you have been at the church this week you have seen that there is a lot going on. Tuesday there was a large crane removing the old HVAC units from the west side of the roof and putting the new units up in their place. They also replaced the air ventilation unit for the kitchen so that we can have the kitchen available for use as soon as possible. We appreciate everyone's support with changes from our normal routine. The east end units will arrive July 23rd.

July 4, 2019

The new van has arrived and just in time for the youth Shasta trip. This new van comes with lots of safety features, such as a back-up camera, a tow package and vinyl floors. It is already for it's maiden voyage to California.

Next week there will be a crane at the church lifting HVAC units on and off the roof. Units that control ventilation in the church will be turned off. Please be patient as we move through these changes.

June 20, 2019

In the past week, work on the windows in the ARK hallway has started. The single pane windows along the playground will be replaced with up-to-date safety glass. The process has begun with the demolition of the window frames in Classroom 2-3. The demolition has allowed for precise measurements needed to order the correct windows. Expect the new windows in September.
Have you seen the white boxes on the walls? Those new white boxes are part of our new fire alarm system. This week new horn strobes, fire pulls, smoke detectors and a new fire panel were installed.

May 30, 2019

Summer is here and with it is a lot of updates and improvements at MIPC:
· The new roof is 50% complete.
· HVAC equipment is ordered and everything is on time to begin July 1st.
· Mercer Island Fire Department approved our plans for the fire alarm panel and peripherals.
· We will be working with Western States Fire Protection Co. for our new alarm system.

· It was decided by the Building Task Force to defer work on the Portable to a future date.

On Tuesday night Session approved the extension of our contract with Knox Services, which provides management of the upgrades occurring at MIPC. The goal is to complete the following three projects this summer: replacement of the exterior windows in the ARK hallway, kitchen floor replacement and appliance upgrades, and repurposing of the offices near the Rock for the use of the First Taiwanese Presbyterian Church and a Rock Lounge.

April 18, 2019

Capital Campaign Finance Update

As we near the June anniversary of our Capital Campaign we wanted to give you an update on the progress made financially on our campaign.  We have pledges of $2,425,000 against which we have received just over $1,540,000 (or 64%) in payments already.  The reality that so many of you have chosen not to spread your pledge over the full three year campaign period means we have been able to avoid borrowing for the early (but expensive) work being done on the roof, HVAC and alarm system replacements.  With these resources,we have been able to invest and add about $20,000 to our fund from the interest earned.  Thank you for your support.  We will continue to be good stewards of these resources and will be sending out reminder notices this June to those of you who chose the option to pay annually in June.  Thank you!

Building Task Force Update
We are getting much closer to seeing hard hats and caution tape around MIPC!  We are close to finalizing a contract on a new fire alarm system.  We are waiting on the Mercer Island Fire Marshall to inspect part of the building so we can move forward.  Contracts have been signed with PSR Mechanical for replacement of our current HVAC system and with SR Building Services, LLC for a new roof.  Work on the HVAC units will not begin until June.  The major work on the roof will begin in May.  We have already had the roof tested for asbestos (we're clear) and are in the process of a moisture study to look for wet insulation in our current roof.  If wet insulation is identified that will be removed and replaced.  We are moving forward!

MIPC Building and Creation Care

At the Annual Meeting in March, the question was raised about whether the Building Task Force, and the Session, had considered an all electric replacement for the HVAC units in an effort to move toward carbon neutrality. While that was not a new conversation, the Session and Building Task Force believed that we could go deeper before making a final commitment and worked to best understand both our capacity financially and our responsibility as citizens of God's creation. The Session considered additional options, looking at both hybrid and full electric models for a few of our units. The Session weighed the cost and did not see a way forward to add the extra expense without changing the commitments that were made at the beginning of the campaign and potentially jeopardizing other vital projects that are necessary to keep MIPC's building running over the next decade. 
That being said, the new HVAC units, while still being natural gas, will themselves be more efficient and we will be adding three new options to reduce our carbon footprint as well as reduce long-term costs to the church:

  • We are replacing our current thermostats to programmable thermostats to better heat rooms only when occupied.

  • We are adding CO2 sensing thermostats that will only move air in the room from outdoors based on occupancy.

  • We are adding zoning to the units in the classroom hallway so only a few rooms heat at a time in a better, more systematic way.

The HVAC units are not the only way we can reduce our carbon footprint, and the MIPC Building and Grounds Committee has been working on this since 2017 after receiving the Building Reserve Study. In 2018 the Buildings and Grounds team paid for an energy audit of the church to better understand our usage. That led also to a lighting audit to help us make plans on how to move forward in the future. In addition, over the past year, our Buildings and Grounds Committee has:

  • Moved to all low flow toilets

  • Eliminated non-compostable cutlery and made that a building rule for outside groups using the kitchen

  • Increased our composting work

  • Put up bike racks to encourage people to bike to church

  • Planted new trees on our property

There are other items that can be completed to make our building more energy efficient. Some will be completed through the capital campaign, and others through the hard work of the Building and Grounds Committee. You are always welcome to partner with the Buildings and Grounds Committee to accomplish this goal.

March 14, 2019
Thank you to everyone who came to the Annual Meeting on March 3rd.  There was a good conversation that lasted after the meeting was over on the environmental impact of the bids coming in for the HVAC units.  While this is something that the Session and Building Task Force had already been working on and thinking about, we heard the voices that shared and are furthering our discussions with PSR, our HVAC vendor, based on the feedback.  The Session is weighing the whole scope of the building and needs in front of us and will keep you updated as we have more information.

February 28, 2019
HVAC and Roofing progress is happening at MIPC. This week, Session voted to move forward with PSR Mechanical to replace our current units. We will be doing so in a way that reduces cost and makes less impact on the environment by replacing our current thermostats to programmable, CO2 sensing thermostats as well as adding zoning to the units in the classroom hallway. This will lower our heating costs and will provide better control of which rooms are heated rather than heating all of the classrooms independent of occupancy which is our current situation. The Building Task Force, under the guidance of the Session, is also reviewing proposals for the roof at this time with the hope of signing a contract within the next two weeks. We are moving forward!

February 7, 2019
Four HVAC bids are now being reviewed by the Building Task Force. There are multiple things to consider as decisions are made. Roof bids are due now, and there has been a flurry of roofers and sheet metal contractors on the church roof preparing for those bids. It has also been decided that a thermal scan and moisture survey will be completed. 

Finally, the church is now receiving bids on replacement of the fire alarm system. The attached photograph shows two estimators inspecting our current system. We have had two companies review our building and hope to have two more in the near future.

Craig Killian, Project Manager

Craig Killian, Project Manager

We are moving forward, building inside out.

January 24, 2019
Things are happening fast and furious in regards to our building improvement plans. The Building Task Force will review three HVAC proposals within the next two weeks. Tomorrow four roofing companies will be at the church for site visits. We expect for companies to provide their proposals by the end of January. 

We are are requesting a pre-application meeting meeting with the City of Mercer Island in regards to the portable. This will allow us to identify what permits we might need to move ahead with replacement and upgrades to the portable. 

Finally, a list of requirements needed in a new van has been made and a search has begun with the input from Youth Ministries and Pebble Preschool/Epic Days.

We are moving forward!
Building Task Force: Brian Weiss (Elder), Brad Wheeler, Judith Baxter and Pastor Kristy

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