2016 Picture Directory

Become a part of the new 2016 PICTURE DIRECTORY! We will have a professional photographer on site March 12-20.

You may sign up for a photo appointment here, at tables on Sundays, or by emailing the church office.

 Participation is free. Each participant will receive a copy of the directory, a free family photo, and an opportunity to purchase more photos. 


PLEASE NOTE: The directory will have contact information for each family (whether pictured or not): please be sure the information we have in our database for you is as you wish it to be published. (This is an "opt out" scheme. If we don't hear from you, your information will be published as we currently have it.) If you do not wish to be included, or want different or limited information published, please email the front office.


We will need the following information:
Last name, First name(s) (If you have different last names, fill in as you wish them to appear.)
Children's names
Home address

Home phone,  cell phone (initials),  cell phone (initials)
Email address (initials),  email address (initials)